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Will my website go permanently offline?

Welcome back,

You have probably noticed that I haven't updated my website in 2 months. Well that is simply because I forgot about it. I was busy doing other stuff like animating and drawing. Also I have made up my mind and I won't pay for another year when my subscription expires for the website.
I have chosen for that choice because I can put the information I put here also on Facebook and that is for free. This website have cost me money instead of earning it so that's why I want to quit it. So let's enjoy it for how long it is here but after that, it will be gone.
Will I still update my website after this message? Yes as far I won't forget about it again, I will try to.

Thanks for reading and I hope you can understand the choice I made.


Information about Roodisooders episode 24

Information about episode 24 of Roodisooders

2 newsupdates in one day! Roodisooders episode 24 will be written like the episodes: Andy's little lazy helpers and Let's do it my way. These episodes are in a summer-mood and are more about comedy than drama. The previous episodes were in drama-theme. This one while go with the comedy-themes. Also I can say that all Roodisooders-characters are apearing in this episode yes even all enemies! But also new enemies. So if you liked episodes like As mentioned above, then I give you a 100% chance that you'll like this one too.. Or maybe you get a new favorite? Also there will be some references to the very, very old Roodisooders episodes. It will be a very interesting episode, that is what i can promise for now. And don't forget about Mess Dess ;)



Roodisooders hiatus is over!

Good news for the Roodisooders-fans!

After Spies on Socks episode 1 is finished I will start animating Roodisooders episode 24! The Roodisooders-break/hiatus is officially over!

But how long will it take to finish episode 24?

Oophh... I'm afraid to say that because I don't know it yet.

What I do know is that Spies on socks is finished! Check out Countdown for the uploaddate






Yes there is my website again.

I found out that the size/format of my website was not good for every device.
The size I created the website on was 1920x1080. It looked fine on my own screen.
But sooner or later I found out it didn't look that good on other screens.
It surprised me that I fixed the website this fast. It took me 2 days only.
I hope the website is now enjoyable for everyone!
The mobile-site is not changed.



The RoodiSHORTS are coming back!


Yes the RoodiSHORTS are officially returning soon!

I started creating them back in 2015. And also stopped creating them in 2015.
Not anymore because I have plenty of new idea's that can keep them going on.


There are a few changes in the SHORTS, since I always like to change and improve on things.

There is no date planned for a new one yet.


What is changed about The RoodiSHORTS from 2015?


-New Thumbnail

-New Intro

-New episode image


For the older RoodiSHORTS but now with a new thumbnail click the Link to source! link below



Is Roodisooders on HIATUS??


Yes Roodisooders is officially on HIATUS for a while.

I still can't believe that i put Roodisooders on hiatus.


It is for the very first time.

Mostly I always put my other shows on Hiatus.
But for the very first time I did it to Roodisooders. While I always put Roodisooders first. SO many changes.


It is really special. Am I proud of it? Somehow no and somehow yes!


No because this episode would have been a funny summer episode like "Andy's little helpers".


Yes, because I finally didn't put Roodisooders before my other shows, so I can finally work on my other shows.
Just for a short while, I don't know how long it will take. But for now I put a lock on Roodisooders.


Link to source

Hidroptmi episode 3


Hidroptmi is back!

After a very long time the lock is finally off Hidroptmi. The ideas keep flashing in my brain again. I have many ideas for episodes now. It is a year and a few months ago since the last episode of Hidroptmi apeared.But now I will change that and I will put a lock on Roodisooders this time! I never knew I could do that. Because Roodisooders mostly wins. A script for episode 4 is already done. So enjoy and wait till episode 4 comes.
Also I have a new banner. For the website, Facebook and Youtube, they all differ.

Link to source

Summer in Redias!


It's summer time for The Roodisooders and The Hidroptmis

It's not summer in my country yet but the weather today comes very, very close to it. I must say I can keep it very cool in my head. It was probably 2014 when I made my last Summer drawing, so it was time for a new one.
A beach day out, just what I would like to do about right now. Also I will change the logo in a fitting style from now on.
This is the "Summer-style" You can see that by the icecream sticks and the sun and the sea under the logo.
And Chelsea wears sunglasses. The only thing I dislike about the summer is that I can''t sleep under my blanket.....


Click "Link to source" to see my summer-styled logo


Happy summer everyone!

Link to source

Mess Dess


A new enemy in Roodisooders. This time: Press Dess has a brother.

I promised you guys that I would draw Mess Dess if I passed my car theory exam. Well I did yesterday!

Hooray! It's because I pictured Brian in a pink dress cheerleading...... Forget I said that.

Well this is Mess Dess. (His mother had a strange kind of humor...) Mess is the first Roodisooder with a beard/moustache thing.

Link to source

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